General terms and conditions GTCs


The General Terms and Conditions (GTC) apply to all transactions between Coaching Fabrik and its customers and for the duration of the business relationship. With the order, these conditions are deemed to have been accepted. Deviations from these GTC require the prior written agreement.


Customer's obligations to cooperate

The coaching takes place based on the preparatory discussions between the parties or the written exchange (clarification of the order). It is based on cooperation and mutual trust. 


The clients/clients should be willing and open to deal with themselves and their situation, the coaching is characterized by an active, self-responsible and individual process. 


The coach assists the clients as a process facilitator, while the client is responsible for himself, his decisions and actions within and outside the coaching services.



At the beginning of a process, Coaching Fabrik clarifies the respective expectations of the coaching/service together with the client (coachee) or client (corporate client or representative). 


Based on this, the customer/client receives an offer from the coaching factory, alternatively an individual billing according to expenditure can be agreed. 


The acceptance of the order takes place by the confirmation of the client/client (by letter, e-mail, orally with the following written confirmation). 


  • The discounted package prices are billed in advance. 
  • With agreed individual billing, the continuous billing takes place after 2 sessions. 
  • For seminars, workshops, etc., 50% of the invoice will be issued after the order has been placed and 50% after the order has been executed.


Valid prices are the prices published on the homepage www.coaching-fabrik,ch or the respective offer. 


Expenses such as special work instruments (e.g., personality profiles), room rentals in external premises and other external costs will be agreed in advance with the client/client and invoiced separately. 


For meetings outside Baden AG or Zurich ZH, the travel time, and a Half-Fare travelcard (1st class) will be charged. 



Coaching session

A free cancellation of the coaching session is possible up to 24 hours before the appointment, for Monday appointments until Friday 12.00 o'clock, after which the fee is due in full.


Workshops, seminars and other services

If a definitively placed order is cancelled up to 30 days before the start of the order, Coaching Fabrik will charge the preparatory work incurred up to this point in time, including expenses (in accordance with the agreed hourly or daily rate for implementation). 

In the case of withdrawal between 14 and 29 days before the start of the order, 50% and in the case of less than 14 days before the start of the order, 100% of the offer will be charged. After the start of the order, the total amount will be charged.


If an order is cancelled by Coaching Fabrik, the client will receive back the fee already paid for the work not yet performed. In the case of cancelled appointments, an alternative appointment will be offered if possible. Further claims due to an appointment cancelled by Coaching Fabrik are excluded.



Coaching Fabrik undertakes to maintain secrecy vis-à-vis third parties regarding all operational, business and private matters of the clients/clients that have become known in the course of the activity, even after the end of the order. The parties may agree that certain information will be disclosed to certain third parties. 


However, Coaching Fabrik reserves the right to waive the duty of confidentiality if a risk of personal injury or third-party infringement must be considered. In this case, a professional body will be consulted.


We reserve the right to disclose information based on mandatory statutory provisions or official orders. 


For quality assurance of her work, the consultant is entitled to contribute the consulting situations anonymously to an intervision group or supervision.


Intellectual property

Unless expressly agreed otherwise in writing, all intellectual property rights, in particular all copyrights, to the content, presentations, drawings, illustrations, plans, photographs, designs, brochures, texts created by Coaching Fabrik, regardless of their protectability and form (i.e. also as data) remain exclusively with Coaching Fabrik.


Nothing in these GTC is to be understood as meaning that third parties are granted any rights of use to the intellectual property of Coaching Fabrik. 


To the extent permitted by law, Coaching Fabrik excludes any liability for damages caused to third parties by the permitted or unauthorized use of the intellectual property rights of Coaching Fabrik.



The activity of Coaching Fabrik is a pure service activity. Success is neither guaranteed nor owed. All participants are insured personally or by their employer. Any liability is excluded.

The dispatch or electronic transmission of any data takes place at the risk of the client or clientele.

The counselling services offered are not a substitute for any necessary medical or psychiatric treatments and therapies. 

Participation in counseling requires normal mental and physical resilience.


Insurance cover

The insurance of the participant(s) is the sole responsibility of the client/client. 

The organizer of team coaching, seminars, workshops, etc. is always the client.

Coaching Factory owes and does not provide insurance coverage.



The place of jurisdiction is Baden. Swiss law shall apply.


Final clause contract

Should a provision or supplement of the agreement with the client, the client be or become invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining agreement. The parties shall replace the invalid provision with a valid provision that comes as close as possible to the intended economic purpose of the invalid provision. The same applies to any gaps in the agreement.


Baden, September 2022







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ethical standards

 Our coaching relationship will be handled strictly confidential.
All other ethic standards of ICF (International Coaching Federation) are respected. Find more about them here.

If you would like to give a recommendation, your name will only be mentioned if you explicitly agree on that. 
Please be aware that any recommendation you state in social media might give transparency about your identity. 

Book now a non binding talk (30 mins) with me and 
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