Team-development, Teambuilding

Your team in good hands.

Team development, team culture for good cooperation

Would you like to have the team accompanied through the various phases of team development in order to build a good team culture?

Team collaboration, team responsibilities, personal responsibility for efficient processes

Would you like to define team cooperation, clarify team responsibilities in order to achieve efficient processes?
Would you like to work on topics such as vision and potential together in teamwork in order to have everyone on board?
Would you like to strengthen personal responsibility in teamwork in order to be able to work agile and flexible?

Team strengths and team potential for successful further development

Would you like to know the strengths and potential of your team? Would you like to support your team in the best possible way?

Team analysis & personality analysis for appreciation of strengths and differences

Would you like to use a team analysis and personality analysis to gain an insight into the different skills and characteristics so that your team can make the best possible use of the differences?

Analysis, goal setting and planning for tactical and strategic planning

Are you looking for support in creating an annual cycle, annual plan, team planning, SWOT in order to have the right resources available at the right time?

Trusting communication and good cooperation for productivity

Would you like to actively tackle potentials or conflicts in your team in order to improve team collaboration and productivity through team coaching?

Your benefit

For everyday work:
Your team will be more productive and happier.
Roles and responsibilities are clearly defined.
Team collaboration improves through mutual understanding
and appreciation.

During the workshop:
Atmosphere of trust.
Realistic methods and approach.
Your goals, topics and wishes are individually coordinated.
Results are documented so that you can continue working with them.

Client Voices

"The way Beate organized the day with us eight women and the goal of building a team was fantastic. We always felt comfortable, inspired and motivated to tackle the future together. I can only recommend Beate."

Birgit Camenisch, Head of Communications + Marketing
ZHAW Life Sciences and Facility Management, Waedenswil

Client Voices

"I had my colleagues accompanied externally because I wanted to improve collaboration and productivity. Ms. Hastedt coordinated the respective measures closely with me and it was a good mix of meetings, homework and follow-ups. We kept checking whether we are still on the right track and adjustments have been made in an uncomplicated manner.
All in all, I am very satisfied with the result and the cooperation between us was very good."

Client Voices

"The new team was initially very reserved. That soon changed. The team members got to know each other. With the personality analysis, they understood the different strengths in a playful way. As the boss, I was also able to get a good insight. It was interesting to hear the expectations ."

Client Voices

"Interesting insights gained, the methods were diverse and varied, and the output was very concrete. We know what we want to work on and will certainly book a follow-up appointment."

Client Voices

"Competent, empathetic, individual and above all very flexible."

Client Voices

"Ms. Hastedt supports us in the annual planning for employees and budget and asks the right questions through the external perspective. This gave us a better overview of resources and bottlenecks."

Client Voices

"We had discussed the topics for the team building in advance. Coordination and organization went very smoothly and competently. Ms. Hastedt created an agenda based on the preliminary talk and brought in additional valuable suggestions.
The team event went smoothly and I was surprised at what else I was able to learn about my employees. We worked on the desired topics with very good guidance and the following documentation helps me in the post-processing.
Many thanks for the good company."

Why go for  Teamdevelopment?

  • Getting to know each other better for new and existing teams
  • Better team working and team collaboration
  • Define and achieve goals together (vision, mission, plan)
  • Resolve conflicts & misunderstandings
  • Promote transparency and mutual understanding
  • Optimal team support

Offer content

Length of time

  • Depending on your needs, we create an accompaniment, e.g.:
  • Supporting process support
  • Regularly or as needed
  • hourly or daily
  • One or more day team development
  • On-site support, online

Possible topics

  • New or existing teams
  • cooperation
  • distribution of tasks
  • conflicts
  • Vision & Mission
  • Annual plan, planning
  • Business plan support
  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • Just fun


  • non-binding order clarification
  • individual offer preparation
  • flexible and reliable support and control
  • documentation of the results
  • debriefing


  • experience
  • competence
  • confidentiality
  • discretion

Why me

20+ years of experience in
training, leadership and management
business planning and year-cycle processes
coach, consultant, trainer, mediator

In the non-binding initial meeting we discuss your individual needs.

The advantages

Improve collaboration
Improved understanding
Increased problem-solving skills
Better self-knowledge & knowledge of others